3 Simple Steps to Finding Fulfillment in your Singing

:: 21 June 2019 ::

Look at my happy face. Chances are you’re probably someone, like me, who loves to sing!

Whether you’re someone who sings just for fun in a community choir, to give expression to your own songs, to serve in a church, or to make it big as a music artist... it all takes dedication to the craft to be the best you can be & find fulfillment in it at the end of the day!

Here are 3 simple steps, from my experience, for getting to that point:

1) FIGURE OUT WHY YOU SING! This will focus your passion & keep you on track for the long haul! 

2) FIND THE RIGHT VOCAL COACH for you to step up to whatever ‘next level’ is for you & support healthy voice use habits for life.

If you’re around Liverpool or up for Skype lessons, try me! For more info click through to the Coaching/Tuition page.

3) FOCUS ON BRINGING YOUR BEST & making the most of every opportunity you get!! It feels good to know you gave the best you could give in that moment.

Happy singing!

~ Josephine