The Warm-up

Credit: Leigh & Lee Photography

Credit: Leigh & Lee Photography

:: 5 June 2019 ::

Why hello there.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my first ‘Singing for Supper, Sundays and Self-Care’ blog post!

Having used my singing voice as a big part of both earning a living and serving in church for my adult life, and having had a number of encounters with my human frailty in the areas of mental, emotional and physical health I've begun to understand how intertwined all aspects of who are as people really are!

So I want to write from my areas of passion and experience for the good of others - perhaps, you. To show the joy and freedom (and complications) of singing, the wonders of faith and connection to things beyond myself, and - as a 'Time To Change' Champion (led by Mind) - insightful stories of journeying through mental health challenges to give hope to those that need it and to help change perceptions of those who need to better understand.

From time to time I plan to get some wonderful people from my world to contribute too. I'm not one of those incredible blog writers that you may have read before. I'm just someone taking a chance on something new - this risk averse woman is on a mission to push beyond seeming boundaries.

A few basic of descriptors of where I'm at in life: I'm a self-employed mum of two (and wife of one) in my mid-30s (own it!), living in Liverpool, highly introverted by nature and very determined, a committed Christian and church-builder, music obsessed from a young age which has led to me being a a vocal specialist today, and like Thomas The Tank Engine - I like to be a 'very useful engine'.

~ Josephine