The Power of Singing Together

:: 19 August 2019 ::

I admit straight from the off I am biased on this subject; singing together with other people is a powerful and uplifting activity! Thankfully, science backs up my experience-based belief.

The power of it is nothing - or at least little - to do with the quality of singing (so this is absolutely not just for the solo stars, it is extremely inclusive) but there is something that draws us closer to the heart of others as we sing with them whether they’re perfect strangers or our best friends. As we use our voices together we share an experience that results in our stress-levels (cortisol) being reduced and releases happy endorphins, it also helps improve our heart health, breathing, posture, memory & more. (Check out this article).

In an era, where real connection with each other is waning, singing combats loneliness and brings us back to our collective relational humanity. It’s so good for health that it is part of the social prescribing that GPs can now provide their patients access too. (Don’t knock it till you have need to try it in that way!)

So besides using my voice for a living, you’ll find me in church singing full-out with an enthusiastic congregation every Sunday. Good for the mind, body and soul.

Perhaps for you it could look like finding a regular community choir, or letting go of your reservations and singing out at church, or a random sing-a-long with your friends or family.

Find your place to sing if you haven’t already! You’ll be glad you did.

~ Josephine

PS- This photo features me & the rest of ProVox Show Choir performing recently. Such a fun bunch to sing with!