bluesky singing

The term Bluesky is all about being free, expansive, imaginative and creative in dreaming up new ideas. Then comes the strategic part of how to make those big thoughts work out practically! And that’s what Bluesky Singing is all about; creating a bespoke collection of experiences, services and products that are useful, fresh and enthusing by engaging the wonders of singing!

Carving out a little niche of our own whilst connecting in to lots of wonderful, complimentary small businesses, organisations and individuals is what it’s all about! Championing each other on in life and work, helping each other see a new point of view, keeps us moving forward in all spheres in life.

Recording Parties kicked off our service offer but that was just the beginning as we geared into the new year with this tiny seedling of the Bluesky Singing venture. At present, Vocal Coaching is taking centre stage but keep an eye out for all the new singing-related services and products flowing out from this little nook of Liverpool, UK. The world is my oyster and I’m intent on hunting out some real pearls using all the musical wisdom I have - all for you!

Join me as the dream meets reality through 2019 and beyond.

~ Josephine


I’m Josephine Grace Wilcock and I founded Bluesky Singing in Liverpool, UK. I have over 13-years of industry experience in creating, leading and managing singing-based activities for children, young people and adults in both education and community music.

My philosophy is that everyone is made to sing, maybe not as a soloist, but certainly to embrace the enjoyment of singing with others! There are so many health benefits to singing in community with others. It can give a huge confidence boost and provide new skills and experiences that can then be carried forward into other parts of life each participants life. Check out my blog for more thoughts along this line!

I am also a music artist capable of giving thoughtful and inspiring performances that showcase the hard-graft, creativity and talent I invest in my songwriting, arrangement, production, vocal and instrumental endeavours. Head to for more on that.