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The Power of Singing Together

:: 19 August 2019 ::

I admit straight from the off I am biased on this subject; singing together with other people is a powerful and uplifting activity! Thankfully, science backs up my experience-based belief.

The power of it is nothing - or at least little - to do with the quality of singing (so this is absolutely not just for the solo stars, it is extremely inclusive) but there is something that draws us closer…

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The Warm-up

:: 5 June 2019 ::

Why hello there.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my first ‘Singing for Supper, Sundays and Self-Care’ blog post!

Having used my singing voice as a big part of both earning a living and serving in church for my adult life, and having had a number of encounters with my human frailty in the areas of mental, emotional and …

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